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From: Gale McMillan <" gale">
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: [Q] Howa, who and what are they ??
Date: 14 Mar 1997 19:57:06 -0500

N.M. wrote:
# (Sean Arnvig) wrote:
# #Hi all
# #Seems some rifles called HOWA just went to market here.
# #Can anyone give a brief on Quality and stats ??
# #Regards
# #Sean
# Howa made Weatherby rifles for years. The ones on sale now are the
# same mechanically as the Weatherby Vanguard, S&W 1500 and Mossberg
# 1500. They are high quality guns.
# I have a brand new one for sale in 30-06 if you are interested in that
# chambering.

They are in Japan. They made both the Mark 5 and the's hard
for me to have much faith in a gun made by people who have never fired a
gun much less owned one When we were stocking the Mark 5s and
Fibergaurds you can;t imagine what a job it was due to the fact most of
the barrels did not point straight down the stock. you could hold the
action in a lathe chuck and pull it through by hand and the muzzle would
run out 4 or 5 inches.  At that time there was no run out specs although
about the time we quit selling them stocks I think Ed got a little help
on that matter.  The rifles from that country has about the same quality
as the scopes that come out of it.  Some are OK and some leave a lot to
be desired.

Gale McMillan

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