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From: (Ed Harris)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Blackpowder muskets
Keywords: black powder
Date: 4 Sep 90 17:49:18 GMT

In article <> (Prichard
Devon) writes:

>as I understand it, muskets were/are used only for military purposes due
>to inherent accuracy of an un-spun round ball traveling down a not-so-straight
>barrel. but with conical bullets (or non-round bullets; what is the correct
>term for non-round-ball bullets?), and modern tolerances, couldn't a
>musket shoot nearly as accurately as a rifle? I believe some target

When smoothbore muzzle-loaders with good barrels are loaded with tighty
patched round balls, or form-stabilized projectiles similar to a
shotgun slug, accuracy is quite respectable at resonable ranges to 40
or 50 yards for deer hunting.  I have gotten groups in the 4-6" range
with Revolutionary-war type flintlock muskets with patched roundballs,
and better than that with smoothbore TC shotgun barrels using cast
bulets out of a Lyman slug mould.  Minie-type bullets will not shoot
accurately because they are too elongated and must be spin-stabilized.
Good smooth-bore projectiles must be form-stable so they will fly
nose-forward without being spun. This means that their length must not
appreciably exceed their diameter, and most of the weight should be
forward, otherwise the bullet will tumble.


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