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From: Gale McMillan <" gale">
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Threaded Barrel
Date: 21 Jul 1997 23:46:23 -0400 wrote:

# # But unless you usually shoot the rifle at night or inside dark rooms,
# # installing a flash supressor is a waste of money.  It's usually
# # illegal to
# # hunt at night.
# # Who do you want to reduce the amount of muzzle flash for, you or
# # others?
# Both.  This is more of an exercise in making the rifle
# "tactically-correct" than anything else.
# With that in mind, anyone have comments on dust signatures created by
# compensators?  Would you even use a compensator in a tactical
# situation?  Or just a flash-hider?  Or niether?

We spent a lot of time  working with the Seals on muzzle brakes that
would hide the dust and foliage signature.  If you redirect the gas that
normally goes down and to the side you must send it somewhere.  If it
goes up you move and displace any cover you have crawled under and if
you direct it to the sides you lay all the foliage on either side down
that is like planting a sign Here I am!  It was finally decided that the
gas that comes back over the shooter and the gas that goes straight out
in front of the shooter is least likely to be seen.  It is a trade off
and it was determined that no brake would be right for all concealment.
It came to be a balance of the gas redirected down the barrel toward the
shooter and the rest going out the muzzle.  By no means would you use a
flash hide and the muzzle brake was a matter of shooter choice.  One
thing was certain they wanted no part of a suppressor.  All felt that it
had no place on a sniper rifle.

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