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From: (John Bercovitz)
Subject: Re: "Safe" room plans
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, California

In article <> (Joel Upchurch) writes:

#Use a good door, either solid wood or a steel door if it doesn't
#look too out of place. I also like a door that opens out, it
#is harder to kick in and a home invader isn't going to have time
#to take the pins out of the hinges. A dead bolt lock and maybe
#some bolts at the top and bottom of the door.

I once rented a place with an exterior door which opened out.  Made me
nervous so I took out the middle screw from each side of the three hinges
and put a spike in one hole of each hinge.  The spike stuck out far
enough to enter the hole in the opposite half of the hinge when the door
was closed.  With this approach, even if the hinge pins are pulled the
hinged side of the door can't be pulled outward; it's hung on the pins.

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