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From: (John Gilman)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: paintball lessons learned
Date: 24 Apr 1995 14:20:03 -0400
Organization: Hewlett-Packard
Lines: 76

        some tactical observations from urban paintball
        by john gilman
        rev 2/21/95

        * you can't concentrate on an arc of more than about 35
        degrees, when defending a position.  So, either put yourself in
        a position that doesn't require more, or get some friends to

        * the human eye is quite sensitive to movement.  even moving
        your head to scan an area, is quite easily picked up.  Thus,
        move your eyes instead, just like the guys in the studly army
        recruiting posters.

        * when you move, move agressively.  slow creeping still
        provides motion to see you, and gives adversary time to react.

        * most people can't hit moving targets, if motion is lateral.

        * if you move in a way that requires more than slight motion
        for the adversary to counter, you have a 2-second or so
        advantage.  You can beat the drop if your move/fire time is
        under .5 sec.

        * don't ever sneak a peek at an adversary, unless you know he
        knows where you are, already.  instead, peek with gun at ready
        position, and fire on any targets you see.  unless you plan to
        reappear somewhere else.

        * try not to let your adversary get the drop on cover you are
        hiding behind.  Instead, slug it out until he ducks, or one of
        you is dead.  Or abandon your position.

        * learn to lay down a tight pattern of rapid fire, for close-in
        work.  often, adversary will present only a fleeting or
        low-probability target.  multiple - round bursts have been
        shown quite effective here.

        * if you are moving in on a new area, keep your gun pointed in
        direction you know least about.  That way, if someone starts to
        fire on you, you may already be pointed in that direction.

        * don't look out of windows, just to see what is happening.  If
        you are going to look out, do so from a shooting position, and
        move agressively.  Or, get into the window, and stay there.

        * don't be so anxious to hunker next to a barricade.  scooting
        back a bit can actually allow you to shoot more effectively,
        and give you a better view of the area.

        * most people can't hold peak concentration for longer than a
        few seconds.  If you have just moved into a position to be
        agressive, rest a few moments to let your own concentration
        recover, and have it lapse a bit on the part of anyone who saw
        you move in.  This void if the defenders were only awaiting
        your arrival before they attack you.

        * If you are going to sneak up on someone, you had either
        better have access to lots of cover, or create a distraction,
        or approach from behind.

       * keep your back to cover; move along the side of a hallway,
        rather than down the center.  right-handers to left side.
        move past the near side of doorways/windows, to minimize
        exposure time.

        * a good time to move is when you've just shot someone, to take
        advantage of this distraction.

        * coordinated, aggressive groups will quickly take out larger,
         but poorly organized groups.  Spend time practicing communication
         and strategy with your teammates, outside the playing field.

From: (John Gilman)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: paintball lessons learned
Date: 27 Apr 1995 18:39:57 -0400
Organization: Hewlett-Packard
Lines: 37

Wow, Julius!  I'm only an amateur!  I thought I was doing well, to do the
original post!  Nonetheless, here goes:

1.  How often I look around, depends a lot on terrain and where I >know<
     my buddies are.  If I'm near a window, and someone's covering my
     backside, I'm only looking out the window.  If not, I'm backing away
     from the window and checking my own backside, frequently.

2.  The peek I use is, "quick, at ready".  If I have a backup location, I
     may just engage enemy briefly, then retreat.  If not, I try to shoot
     'till one of us is hit.  And yes, ID'ing shoot/no shoot is VERY
     tough.  I am sad to admit I've shot several teammates, when they
     behaved aggressively toward me (they didn't yet know who I was).  The
     key to my own shoot behavior is, if they see me and are bring their
     gun to bear, they are a target.  Yes, I find that pretty scary.  Makes
     me have a much better appreciation for "friendly fire" in Vietnam.

3.  Leapfrog vs follow leader depends on terrain.  If low threat, follow
     leader.  If known threat, follow leader.  If unknown threat, leapfrog.

4.  Doors with partner if available.  On entry, KEEP MOVING until room is
     clear, or you have found good hard cover.

5.  Flashlight/low light.  I gotta say, lotsa guys are taken with flashlights.
     I'm not.  Even while camping, I usually use a flashlight only for
     finding small stuff in the tent.  My own course of action would be,
     if entering a low-light area, first shut down exterior lights thru
     switch or gunfire.  Wait a bit.  Then enter.  Better yet, as a
     precaution, send in a newbie, first!  Or, try a simple flashbang

Would be open to your advice.


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