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From: (Julian Macassey)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: LA Shootout-What Guns?
Date: 12 Mar 1997 18:23:43 -0500

In article <5g40ms$> Tracy Fletcher <> writes:
#Sigstroker wrote:
## Come on! I saw a documentary where third world "gunsmiths" were making
## AK's in back alleys. They test fired them in the street. 

#I have seen a documentary where certain automobiles blew up when hit a
#certain way.  Turns out the news crew planted charges in the cars. 
#Therefore, I tend to be a little suspicious of documentaries.

	The third world gunsmiths were probably Pathans in Dara
Pakistan. This is a village in an outlaw area that technically non
Pakistanis are not allowed. 

	I have been there. It is a village with workshops and gun
stores on each side of the street. They sell locally produced weapons
and also "imported" weapons. You can buy pretty much everything there.

	One interesting thing they make there is the "pen gun". Looks
like a pen and shoots a single 22LR round.

Julian Macassey, N6ARE Voice: 415.647.2217

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