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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Class III Colt 1911A1-style pistols???
Organization: Dixie Communications Public Access.  The Mouth of the South. (James P. Callison) writes:

#Maybe this is old news, but I have my Colt Delta Elite, and it occurs
#to me that, with a small file, I could get this sucker to fire full auto.
#The disconnector (the little button on the top of the frame that, when
#depressed, prevents firing (eg, when the chamber is open), whatever
#the heck it's really called; disconnector came to mind), if the tip
#were filed off, would no longer be a disconnector...

#What's the story here? I mean, at 7 shots, it's not really worth it
#to go full-auto, and the feeding design is not the most amenable
#to fast feeding, but it's a relatively simple modification. Or am I
#missing something here? (I tried it with the slide off, and there was
#nothing to stop the hammer from falling when the disconnector was up.)

You just described why it won't work.  The hammer follows the slide down
and hits the firing pin with insufficient force to fire the next round.
For full auto fire, the hammer would have to be held back until the
slide fully closed.

I've had a Colt machine gun on me but it was because of a worn sear that
did just exactly what I described.  The sear would hold the hammer
back until the slide slammed home.  The vibration would trip the sear
and BANG.

I can assure you it gets your attention when you're not expecting it.
Seven rounds go REALLY fast.


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