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From: (John Bercovitz)
Subject: Re: 9x21, .38 super, and IPSC major
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California

In article <> writes:
#I've always wondered why the .38 Super isn't that popular......... 

I think it had a reputation for poor accuracy.  Certainly Colt's
intransigence on the matter of headspace contributed to that poor
accuracy.  From its inception until a couple of years ago, Colt
had the cartridge headspacing on its semi-rim.  At least that
was the theory; I've never personally seen one chambered tight
enough that the semi-rim didn't slip passed its seat.  After over
50 years of complaints, Colt finally changed the chamber so the
cartridge now seats on the mouth.  Of course a company wouldn't 
want to rush into something like that; it might be perceived as 
being flighty.   8-)    (John Bercovitz)

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