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From: (Arno Hahma)
Newsgroups: alt.engr.explosives
Subject: Re: Explosives Glorios Explosives
Date: 8 Jun 1996 15:38:48 +0300

In article <>,
Larry Collins <> wrote:

>If The .50 AE shoots a 325 gr bullet at 1400fps, with 1414 ftlbs of
>muzzle energy, according to the article in Guns & Ammo, compared to a
>..44 mag that has 1450fps with a 240gr bullet, for 1150 ftlbs Muzzle

This information is for factory rounds, I guess. The .50AE can be
loaded to much higher energy than a .44. The latest batch of ammunition
I loaded exit the barrel at 490 m/s, with 21 g bullets. That makes
about 2500 J of energy. The muzzle energies above are 1900 J and 1500 J
for the .50 and .44, respectively. So, there is a lot of margin...


From: (Arno Hahma)
Newsgroups: alt.engr.explosives
Subject: Re: Powerful handguns (Was: Re: Glorious...)
Date: 8 Jun 1996 15:28:36 +0300

In article <>,
Douglas Ready <> wrote:

>>Also, don't forget the .50 Action Express, for which factory ammo is
>Man, what the heck kind of pistol and what kind of grip do you
>you use with these suckers?  

Desert Eagle, of course ;). The factory grip works just
fine for me, double or single handed or even weak hand only.

>etc. with a heavy factory load.  Guess I'd kinda like to try
>one of those "hand canons" out JUST ONCE to be able to say

Be warned. If you do try one, there is a risk you find
yourself in a gun store ordering your own...

>Do some serious shooters actually use these things for 
>something other than impressing the impressionable?

The pistol (DE .50AE) is very effective in silhouette shooting and nice
to use in it, since it is semiautomatic (no need to break your position
for reloading). It is also one of the most accurate semiautomatic
handguns made - I was really impressed when I tried it for the first
time. If I can get as small patterns with it as with a match grade .22,
it has to be accurate. 

In addition, the cartridge lends itself very well to reloading. The gun
is remarkably insensitive to bullet weight and powder charge
variations.  The powder charge can vary as much as 50 % and the gun
still works just like it should. Bullet weight can also vary at least
that much, anything heavier than 15 g will work fine.

Then there is a third point. If you can shoot accurately and fast with
a DE 50, you can do that with any other gun. The problem is not the
technical shooting process itself, but that of overcoming your
excitement and/or fear. Once you have succeeded in that, you really
know you can shoot a gun. Besides, a good gun is one the shooter is a
little afraid of, isn't it? ;>


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