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From: (Ed Harris)
Subject: Re: Barsto Barrels
Date: 7 Jan 91 21:23:40 GMT
Organization: FidoNet node 1:109/417.0 - Silver Bullet, Frank Mallory

I have found in the Bar-Sto barrels you get what you pay for.  If you 
are a bullseye competitor and shoot NRA-style matches they are 
definitely worth it.  If you shoot IPSC and gilt edged accuracy isn't 
as much of a requirement, the Colt barrel may do.  I like the option in 
the Bar-Sto of having a solid GI-type NM bushing instead of the Colt 
collet type.  I have had several collet bushings break on me iver the 
years, and on a duty gun I would no want a repeat performance.  In a 
hot caliber suych as the 9 mm or .38 Super I would also go for the 
Bar-Sto, because the locking portion of the barrel is made from a 
separate piece of steel turned 90 degrees to the bore axis so the 
locking lugs don't bear transversely across the grain boundaries of the 
steel - a much stronger construction.  This is done by making the tube 
a separate piece from the locking monobloc and silver brazing them in a 
vacuum retort, the same way it is done at the FN factory.  When Bar-Sto 
fits you a match barrel, no hand fitting is done, but your slide and 
frame are measured on a coordinate measuring machine and the CNC 
program is altered to provide you with the optimum fit.  This is 
superior to hand fitting in most instances and the pistol will be more 
reliable.   Barrels which are oversized everywhere for hand fitting are 
also available, but their match-grade barrel is the better buy.  I have 
owned five of the things, and would have no hesitation buying another.


        Ed Harris,
      via The Black Cat's Shack's FidoNet<->Usenet Gateway
   and   Fidonet 1:109/401

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