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From: (bob hale)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Date: 12 Sep 1995 21:08:06 -0400

#Handguns MUST be in a LOCKED HARD case.  No soft cases allowed for
#handguns.  All guns must be declared and checked at the ticket counter.
#(or curbside, but they usually send you inside).  They will have you show
#them that the guns are unloaded.  You can not carry ammo in the same case
#as any gun.  You do not have to declare ammo.  You can use factory boxes,
#or the hard plastic boxes to carry ammo.  300 rounds is the max or 5 lbs.
#Nobody is gonna sit and count your ammo.  Also the person checking the
#guns must be the only one with the combination or key to the checked and
#declared weapon.

While this paragraph is more acurate than most, it still disagrees with
fact.  The discrepancies are:

1. The weight limit for ammo is 5 kg (not pounds) per passenger,
but there is also an overall flight weight limit.  During and just
before hunting season, or on your way to the SOF convention, or
under similar circumstances, you just might run up against the
total flight weight limit and have to leave your ammo behind, or
take a different flight.

2. Curbside checkin is not allowed.  You might happen to run into
a curbside check where they don't know the rules, but they aren't
supposed to take any luggage with firearms in it.

3. The counter people may or may not require you to demonstrate
that the firearms are unloaded.  Some will want to check for themselves,
and some of those will not know how.  You may need to help them.
In any event, you are required to sign the tag that says that the
firearm(s) is unloaded.

4. The rules for transporting ammo require that it be in the original
manufacturer's packaging, or in an acceptable alternative.  The last
time that I checked, these alternatives included plastic or fiber
boxes but not metal.  Go figure.

5. The rules above permit the greatest latitude.  Individual airlines
may have differing and more restrictive policies, so check with your
airline about their particular rules well in advance of your flight.

BTW, airlines are no longer permitted to mark luggage to indicate
that it contains firearms.  In fact, doing so is now a federal crime,
thanks to recent legislation.  Not all counter people know this, and
some may still try to mark the luggage.  If you run into this problem
then ask for a supervisor and have them look up the law.

I have obtained this information from phone calls to various airline
personnel, from counter discussions with airline personnel, and from
perusing FAA rules and regulations.  If you plan to fly with ammo or
with firearms then you may wish to do the same.

Bob Hale

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