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Subject: Who's next on BATF hit list?
From: John De Armond
Date: Sat, 22 May 93 05:30:06 GMT

Who's next?  That got answered last night here in Atlanta.  BATF hasn't
Last night they staged a massive raid on a house in Gwinnette County ('burb
north of Atlanta).  Dozens of BATF Gestapo, local cops, EMS - and of course
the media - were on hand.  They evacuated several blocks around the house.
The reason for all this comotion?  The guy made fireworks for his own
He sustained minor injuries a couple of weeks ago when a homemade 'cracker
exploded on him and peppered him with fragments.  The hospital stooled on
After staging this middle-of-the-night media event and removing a few
boxes of chemicals, a de-milled mortar launcher, some evil, assault,
baby- killing inert practice mortar shells and some gunpowder, they had
a small problem.  What to charge him with.  BATF admitted that since the
guy was making the fireworks for his own use, they had nothing to charge
him with.  The spokesman said they were turning the whole case over to
the U.S. Attorney so he can try and fabricate some charges.
Some of these agents were the same ones who staged the Davidian raid.
Guess since they got their asses whipped in Texas, they decided to find
some little guy to bully.  And just like at Waco, the media here bit the
BATF bullshit, hook, line and sinker.
These bastards have GOT to go!

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