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From: "Ray F. Ciurej" <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Chicago and guns, advice wanted
Date: 6 Mar 1996 17:38:12 -0500

"Wade S." <> wrote:
#I am moving to Chicago for graduate school, so I must live close to the U. 
#of Chi. campus.  

... You may well need your shotgun if plan to live close to the U of C....
Take it from a guy who lived in that area for 10 years.....

#It is my understanding that NO handguns are allowed in 
#Chicago(cold weather affects the mind?), but that long guns are allowed 
#with some sort of registration.  First, am I correct?  Second, how much 
#hassle will I experience if I try to register a shotgun for home defense? 
# Any comments or personal experiences would be appreciated.  Please email 
#me as I do not always get to check the newsgroup.  

You are correct.  Handguns are not allowed and can no longer be registered
unless you are a cop, security guard, private detective or, political

Long guns can be registered with the City at a cost of about $50 per year!
Applications can be obtainded at City Hall.  Also, there is a little-known
regulation that prohibits posession of any Ammunition.  Sure, you can own
a long gun but, if you want to shoot it, drive out of the City, buy your ammo,
shoot your ammo then, return home.  Are any of these regulations enforced
you ask?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no?  I know *many* peole who live
in the City who own unregistered firearms.... Are you feeling lucky, Wade?

Now you know why I don't live in Chicago anymore....

Wade, are you sure you want to go to U of C?

If you decide to commute to the U of C, don't move to Oak Park.  Despite
the easy "EL" commute, Oak Park's regulations are even more "draconian".
The same commute can put you in the town of Berwyn where the gun regs
are quite accomodating due to home-rule provisions.  I know because I
helped draft the provisions....



From: (Ray F. Ciurej)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Chicago and guns, advice wanted
Date: 8 Mar 1996 11:29:16 -0500

In article, (Mark N9SRT) writes:
# # If you decide to commute to the U of C, don't move to Oak Park.
# May I add a heary OAK PARK SUCKS.
# When we were burglarized (a Taurus PT92, H&K SP89 (ouch), Mossberg 500,
# Iver Johnson M1 Carbine, Ruger 10/22), the responding officers/detective
# told me they would not be able to charge ME because the evidence had been
# stolen (i.e., if they had left the Taurus, for example, I would have been
# charged with illegal possession of a handgun)!

Yes, Oak Park is _*ULTRA*_ Anti-Gun.  Under the circumstances you describe,
you would have been charged with violation of a town ordinance i.e. posession
of a handgun within town limits.  The same holds true for any gun on the
Clinton AW ban list.  This is often enforced and carries a hefty (don't know
the dollar amount) fine.  As for non-AW-looking long guns, you are _supposed_
to register them with with the town.  I don't know what the enforcement policy
is on this registration issue.

# I have heard rumors of a "zero tolerance" law that allows the Chicago PD
# to confiscate your car in the event of discovered "contraband" (assualt
# rifles, handguns).  

Yes, this is true.  However, it really depends on the descretion of the
Officer and, the circumstances under which you are being stopped.  i.e.
some Cops are cool and some are not.  This can lead into a long,
protracted discussion that has been debated ad. infinitum.  All I can say
is that all of the organized shooting clubs from the Chicago area have
disbanded.  Virtually all of the members have joined teams that are based
outside of the City.
... Actually, most of the law abiding gun owners have already moved out
of the City...

# I know they have done it on Lake Michigan with boats
# and recreational marijuana use, not a lot of smuggling occurs through Lake
# Michigan, I imagine.

I don't know much about this issue.  I do know that the Chicago-based
coast guard is virtually non-existent.



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