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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: police can't shoot straight Re: (PISTOL) Someone please...
Organization: Dixie Communications Public Access.  The Mouth of the South.

tighe@convex.COM (Mike Tighe) writes:

#Dallas has them both beat. Last year, we had a shooting where 5 Dallas Cops
#fired 127 rounds (they have Glocks & Sigs; they reloaded several times) at
#a suspect and hit him 9 times. Not only that, but the rounds were that did
#hit him never hit a vital area, and he survived. Oh yeah, he was unarmed.
#The officers were not arrested, reprimanded, etc.

Was that the one where the shooting victim was in a wheelchair?  If it
wasn't, then there is yet another case where the cops blazed away with
wunder-nines and failed to kill the victim.

I remember several years ago when a friend of mine took over as chief
in my home-town.  His first inspection revealed that over 1/3 of the cops'
guns were non-functional.  That is, either rusted, jammed with debris,
loaded with non-functioning ammunition or some other mechanical defect.
Somehow I felt a LOT safer around these Barney Fifes when their guns
DIDN'T work.

#Yes, this is the same Police Chief that is going to organize security for
#the 1996 Olympics, but can't organize security for a super bowl parade. Is
#it any surprise he was the #1 person to Darryl Gates before coming to

He'll just fit in with the rest of the Olympic clowns.  I heard someone
in a restaurant classify the whole effort to date as "juvenile".
That is the best descriptive term I've heard and it fits to a tee.


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