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Newsgroups: talk.politics.guns
From: (J.D. Baldwin)
Subject: Re: 'jack-booted thugs' ?
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 02:37:21 GMT

Amy Noether <> wrote:
> >Yeah, they were sure punished severely.  The agent responsible had a
> >letter of reprimand put in his file -- the same punishment given to
> >him when he lost his government-issued cell phone.  He was later given
> >the additional punishment of a big promotion.
> That is FALSE.

Here's a free clue for you.  When you get it in your head to post
something stupid, putting it in all caps doesn't help things any.

> Even a cursory examination of the facts, if you're capable of that,
> without straining your brain, would show what you claim never
> happened. M. Michael Kehoe, for example, the FBI agent who was found
> to attempt to obstruct justice by trying to destroy FBI records on
> the directives to federal marshals told to arrest Weaver, was
> convicted and sent to jail and fined.

Whoops, turns out this isn't the same incident at all, but a separate
crime far removed in time and distance from the actual assaults at
Ruby Ridge.  The agent in charge there *did* get a joke "punishment"
followed by a promotion.  I guess the message is, "We don't mind you
murdering citizens, but fuck with one of our investigations and you're
going DOWN."

Or maybe not.  Turns out SA Kehoe wasn't even prosecuted until
Congress began looking into the matter and the problem of the missing
records came to light.  I guess the FBI sorta "forgot" that destroying
official records is a crime, huh?

The DoJ's own internal report concluded that federal agents committed
serious crimes at Ruby Ridge, yet they've never shown the slightest

Oh, and while it's true Kehoe gets to cool his heels in a federal
country club "prison" for a while (Danbury, was it?), you neglected to
mention that administratively, the FBI took no significant action
against him.  He keeps his fat government pension and all benefits.

> Any more false claims?

Why don't we ask Richard Jewell about the likely source of "false
claims"?  ("Now, how *did* that story get leaked to the media?")

Or that guy the FBI just arrested for the abortion clinic bombing?
("Ooops, wrong guy.  Who woulda thought there might be *two* Eric
Rudolphs in a nation of 260,000,000 people?  Or Erik, same

Or some of the victims of the famous falsified FBI crime lab reports?
Hey, heads sure rolled over that one, huh?  No "lost-cell-phone"-grade
punishments for *those* miscreants!  Oh, wait a minute, turns out the
only one punished was the guy who blew the whistle.  Never mind.
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