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Newsgroups: alt.activism,soc.culture.usa,talk.politics.guns
From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: what tourist crime victims can expect in Texas
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 07:55:50 GMT

>   I am well aware of that, and it is exactly what I meant when I suggested
>   you replace it. If you have a police force so impotent that an
>   individual, untrained, feels it necessary to be able to use lethal
>   force to defend themselves, then fix the police force.
>   If I want my house painted, I call a painter. If I want my garden
>   landscaped I call a gardener. I could make a tolerable effort
>   at both, but I might screw it up, so instead I rely on a trained
>   professional, just as I expect someone who wants computer programming
>   done to call on people like myself. We can't all be experts at
>   everything, so we each specialise.
>   If I want protected from criminals, I expect to be able to call on
>   a specialist who is trained to to do that, rather than have to try it
>   myself & face the consequences of getting it wrong.

And of course, you're such a helpless urban puke that you are incapable
of determining which of these "professionals" is doing a capable job
or not.  And after you get screwed, you scream and shout and run about
like some headless cretin.  You're one of those who cries and wets
his pants whenever the shit hits the fan in The Big City.

People like me, on the other hand, who believe their happiness, wellbeing
and safety are properly their own responsibility see things differently.
I'm a better painter, gardner, plumber or electrician than any I might
hire.  When I make the decision to hire out work, I do so strictly on
the basis of whether I feel like fooling with the job or not.  If I
do farm out the work, I know more than the contractor about the work
and thus can direct his work and competently evaluate it.

Likewise with personal protection.  Only a fool would delegate his 
personal safety to some hired underling who could frankly not care
less as long as he is paid.  I take care of my own personal safety
because I know I can do it better than anyone else if for no other
reason than I care more than anyone else could.  Frankly, all I need
the state's hired guns for is to haul away the organic residue and/or
take custody of any survivor perps.  I even have a problem with allowing
the government to take custody of the perps.  I know I would do a vastly
better job than the state in keeping any perp who attacked me in prison.
Indeed, I could come up with some VERY innovative ways to punish such

I suppose I should not be surprised to see people delegating their very
lives and safety to those who couldn't care less.  This seems to be
the result of a few generations of the producers allowing the urban
drones to sit on their asses pushing paper and whining.  


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