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From: "Clayton E. Cramer" <>
Subject: Re: Alignment and Gun Control (was Off-Topic Threads)
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 08:55:22 -0800

Andy O'Neill wrote:
> In article <01bce99d$d71a65e0$16299fd0@Lyan>, Lyan <lyan@removeme.bangor
>> writes
> >The fact is that the NRA has come up with some ways to keep guns out of
> >criminal hands.  3 Strikes was an NRA idea, designed to get recidivists
> >behind bars for good.  It was modified a bit, then claimed by the Clinton
> >administration, even as they criticized the NRA for not fighting crime.
> Isn't it 3 strikes that's filled the jails to the extent that they have
> to let inmates out early in order to fit their new customers in?
> Andy O'Neill

No, it's the War on Drugs that did that.  The various three
strikes laws are the response to letting inmates out early,
or refusing to give them serious sentences.

A secretary I worked with at another company sat on a jury
in San Francisco.  The person on trial had beaten his wife
to death with a baseball bat, in front of their small children.
The jury returned a verdict of guilty of second degree murder.
(That means, for those of you operating under English law,
no premeditation, but malice aforethought.)  To her disgust
and amazement, the judge gave the killer probation.  Why?
He was afraid that the children would end up in foster
care, and not have a parent as a role model.

The idiots run California.

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