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Subject: Re: Guns, guns guns!
From: (Kirk Hays)
Date: Apr 11 1996
Newsgroups: talk.politics.guns

In article <4kbg4f$>,
Keith Marchington <> wrote:
>Shawn writes:
>: On 4 Apr 1996, Keith Marchington wrote:
>: > Shawn writes:
>: > 
>: > : I guess I am thinking of weapons that have large clips and are easily 
>: > : converted to maching guns.  Things you can't do to/with a 30 30.
>: > 
>: > 
>: >      Once again, Shawn parades his ignorance of guns and gun laws for
>: >      all to see on a world-wide forum.
>: Blush.

The really amusing part about this is that John Moses Browning, 
the inventor of the M1911 (combat handgun), the BAR (squad 
automatic rifle), the M1917 (machine gun), the M2 (heavy .50 
caliber machine gun), in short, most of the handguns and machine guns 
used by the US military in the first half of the century, had, as 
his *first* machine gun, a conversion of a 30-30 lever action 
rifle to full auto.

He did it in his machine shop, in less than 8 hours.

Uh-oh, by BATF's standards, every 30-30 lever action rifle is now,
by fiat, a "machine gun".

Crud, I practically failed metal shop, and *I* could build a machine
gun in 8 hours, given a halfway decent machine shop and a wrecked

This, of course, illustrates the futility of trying to stuff an
obvious technology back into pandora's box.

Kirk Hays

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