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From: (Doug Gwyn (ACISD/MCSB) <gwyn>)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Good Dealers in the Baltimore/Washington area?
Date: 24 Jul 1994 00:08:49 -0400
Keywords: MD, Baltimore, guns

In article <30pgs4$> (CHARLES SUNG LEE) writes:
#Can anyone with experience at gun shops in the BWI area post about
#the good ones (and bad ones?)

It's about at the limit of what one might call the BWI area, but:
On the west side of US Hwy 1 headed toward Bel Air, there's Fallston
Gun & Pawn, whom I have done considerable business with and have never
had any reason to complain about.  When MD passed the so-called
"assault pistol" ban, it was one store that did NOT raise the prices
on the about-to-be-banned models that they had in stock.

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