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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Damming article on Ruger in the WSJ 6/24
Organization: Dixie Communications Public Access.  The Mouth of the South.

rpalmer@Think.COM (Ralph Palmer) writes:

#On Page 1, far right column, of the 6/24/93 Wall Street Journal there is
#a very damming article on Sturm, Ruger & Company Inc and their handling
#of saftey concerns around their Single Action Army Revolvers.  Ruger sold
#these from the late 50 to the early 70's following the original design of
#no a saftey transfer bar, allowing the gun to fire if dropped on the hammer
#with a round in the chamber.  The article is basically critical of
#Ruger of sweeping the problem under the rug and running those cute
#little "free upgrade" ads, rather than having a general recall.  The
#article states that something like 500 people have had AD's with a few
#heart wrenching fatalities.  This is a long article, over 1 full page
#complete with diagrams of the problem.  Ruger had no comment and to the
#WSJ to talk to the company laywer.  This article is a must read for the
#fans and foes of Ruger.

Hope someone let's the idiot at WSJ know that Ruger is doing is about
as close as it can come to a recall since they have no idea who owns
what gun.  Unlike the situation with the auto industry where the auto
companies know who bought each car from warranty records, Ruger has
no such info. I imagine they've spent no small bit of money advertising
the free upgrade.

One really has to wonder whether the nut at WSJ has enough to do or not.

Unfortunately this is also an existance proof of the concept that what
goes around comes around.  Hope Ruger's forgotten his magazine ban by

(BTW, ralph, a newline every 75 chars or so makes your article a LOT easier to


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