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Newsgroups: talk.politics.guns
From: (Clayton Cramer)
Subject: Re: Ground Imaging Radar
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 23:53:43 GMT

In article <>,
Morris the Cat <> wrote:
>Bury pieces of iron? Why bother?
>Think what fun you could have with pieces of common kitchen aluminum
>foil stapled onto pieces of styrofoam and buried! It's not as though
>they were using millimeter wave to image, right? Or even if they
>did, just cut the pieces into the appropriate shapes.

A friend of mine worked for several months of this sort of hidden
weapons cache searching operations (for the South African Army).
He indicated car batteries were a recurring source of frustration.
He also indicated that even with their (apparently American made)
sophisticated equipment, a single gun buried more than six feet
down stood a good chance of being undetected.  In one case, they
found a cache of several dozen rifles and some hand grenades
outside Johannesburg.

And yes, he was drafted, and is very happy to be out of that
disaster.  When he returned from a vacation home a couple of years
ago, I asked him it looked like a civil war was breaking out?
"Oh no, it's nowhere near that organized.  Just random murder."
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