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From: John De Armond
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Accidental Discharge of an M-16 Clone
Keywords: rifle
Date: 21 Feb 89 18:01:07 GMT

In article <> wbt@cbnews.ATT.COM (William B.
Thacker) writes:

>In article <> rats@ihuxz.ATT.COM (D Woo) writes:
>>CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- 2/14/89 -- An off-duty police officer banged
>>a rifle butt on his floor to make a downstairs neighbor turn down his
>>loud music, and ended up shooting his upstairs neighbor in the leg,
>>police said.
>>Haskins, a firearms training assistant, said he thought the gun was
>>unloaded when he struck the butt on the floor, but the rifle fired and
>>a bullet went through his ceiling into the apartment above, Dean
>Honestly, this sounds to me like a bunch of hooey.  C'mon, now...
>how many of *you* would use a $500+ rifle to pound on the floor with ?

Actually, I heard the same thing on a TV news report.  As a former resident
of that area, I'd have believed it even without the report.  You just
gotta experience law enforcement the East Tennessee way to appreciate
the story.  Actually, I'm surprised he did not have the gun bolted down
pointing toward the front door in case he had to get any of those
commies comming any day now.

So anyway, who said .223's can't penetrate :-)


From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: collection of info on carry laws
Organization: Dixie Communications Public Access.  The Mouth of the South. writes:

# # I've been monitoring this group for a while and am wondering if
# # you can give me some information on tennesse's handgun laws and attitudes
# To summarize: open purchase, no open carry, no concealed carry except
# for peace officers and PI's.  GRI (Gun Rights Index of 28 out of a
# possible 99 - 99 being no permits needed for purchase, concealed carry or
# open carry).  IMHO, pretty pathetic: I'd rethink the move, myself.

I think the situation in Tennessee should be clarified.  The situation
is nowhere as bleak as this statistic indicates.    I consider Tennessee
to be much more gun friendly than Georgia, a state that ranks higher
because it has a non-discretionary CCW law.

I checked with a friend of mine back home in Tennessee who is a judge.
He was pretty sure Tennessee now has a discretionary CCW law.

One has to determine the location in Tn to figure out what the environment
is.  There are basicly 4 sub-states within the state represented by the
4 large metro areas (Memphis, knoxville, nashville, chattanooga.)  These
four areas are bad places to live and not surprisingly, gun unfriendly.
The rest of the state is very gun friendly.  One can shoot on any property
outside a city limits not marked otherwise.  Getting a CCW permit has
never been much trouble.  When I still lived there, the most one had
to do was become a field deputy which involved no duties unless you
wanted them.  As important, getting caught with a concealed weapon is
a minor offence not often even written up.  A quote I lived by came
from a police chief friend of mine when I asked him about a
CCW permit.  He said "Why bother?  If your life is worth no more than
the $50 fine it'll cost you get caught, you don't think much of your

Tennseese has a lot of other things going for it including cheap housing,
no  income tax, low property tax, a moderate sales tax and not much
government intereference in private life.


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