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From: (Ed Harris)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Lead removal
Keywords: cleaning
Date: 4 Sep 90 17:45:15 GMT

In article <> (Robert
Douglas) writes:

>     What is the best way to remove lead buildup from a S&W .44 mag
>revolver?  I reload and shoot primarily lead slugs, so 90% of my
>cleaning time is devoted to getting the lead out of the rifling.

If the bore is not so heavily leaded that you can barely see rifling, it
does no harm to fire a cylinder full of full-power jacketed loads, and
this will safely and effectively remove the leading without scrubbing.
In the case of extremely heavy leading which might constitute a bore
obstruction, use a bronze brush and bore cleaner to get out what you
can. On very stubborn cases you may need to wrap a worn brush with 00
steel wool. This does no harm as long as you use the wrapped brush wet
with lots of bore cleaner.  We used to de-lead revolvers this way at
Ruger all the time when I worked there and we never had any trouble.
The slickest way, though expensive unless doing it for a large number of
revolvers, as for a gunshop or police department, is to use the Outer's
Foul-Out electro-chemical system. I like mine very much.


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