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From: (Toby Bradshaw)
Subject: Re: Scopes and Rings
Organization: University of Washington, Seattle

In article <> (Bart Bobbitt) writes:

#Toby Bradshaw ( wrote:
#: Most benchrest rifles have Kelbly rings and, if bases are required,
#: Davidson bases.
#Aren't these bases another version of the Weaver system?  I think I've
#seen them; indeed, they are excellent.  Kelby rings are easily lapped
#to fit the scope tube without bending it when they're tightened; a
#very good idea if you don't want the adjustments binding.

Kelbly rings are held to the bases or receiver by tightening a
pair of allen head screws on a matching dovetail.  Unlike the Weaver,
there is no mechanism for locating the rings along the length of
the mount, the scope and attached rings can be slid forward or back
if the screws are loosened.  This is nice for switching scopes between
rifles with different bases/receivers, but it does lack anything
like the Weaver's locating mechanism to position the scope fore
and aft.  The Kelbly rings are made in matching sets from CNC machinery,
so if the receiver is true and/or the bases are aligned by bedding,
there's no need to lap the rings.  Also, they're lightweight which
helps make the lighter weight classes.  They are a little expensive,
but worth it in some apllications.

-Toby Bradshaw

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