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From: (Jordan M Kossack)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Ching Sling?
Date: 18 Apr 1995 11:51:37 -0400
Lines: 53

In rec.guns digest (Sun Apr 16 21:37:19 EDT 1995) writes:
-  chingesh> I'm the designer of the Ching Sling
- ..which I've heard mentioned before but know nothing about.  Why is
- this sling different from all other slings?

   ...on this night we eat unleavened... oops!  Wrong newsgroup.  :-)

   I don't have a rifle with a Ching Sling, but I observed several
   while I was at Whittington last year.  As I have not yet seen a
   reply from Mr. Ching, the person best able to discuss this, I
   shall endeavor to explain the device.  If I should err because
   of my relative ignorance, my apologies in advance.

   If you're familiar with the CW (Carlos Widmann) sling or the
   old British 3-point system, this will be much easier to explain,
   as you'll understand the purpose behind the Ching Sling and, as
   the saying goes, form follows function.  The Ching Sling has the
   benefits of that system, without the hassle of needing to swap
   the sling from one swivel stud to another.

   Anyhow, the system has three attach points - the butt and out
   near the muzzle, as in conventional slings, with the third point
   forward of the magazine.  A long strap/sling connects between
   two of the points.  A shorter strap connects to the third point
   at one end, with the other end terminating in a D-ring, of sorts,
   which slides along (a limited length of)/(the forward portion of)
   the long strap.  When the D-ring is as far aft as it will go, the
   short strap and the forward portion of the long strap form a loop
   through which one places the off-side arm, creating a load which
   is somewhat akin to that of a target sling.  Or, more properly,
   greatly akin to a CW sling using the forward studs.  For general
   carry, the short strap slides forward and the long strap is used
   in the same fashion as a normal carry sling.  Thus, like the CW
   sling, it may be used both as a shooting aid and as carry strap.
   Unlike the CW sling, Mr. Ching's system eliminates the need to muck
   about with QD studs (etc.) to transition between the two modes.

   Does that make sense or should I have another go at it?  It would
   be much easier for me to draw a picture or build a mock-up from
   string but that's not much help over the net.  I'm an engineer,
   not a technical writer (and I'm an EE, at that.)


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