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From: (Ed Harris)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: U.S. Civil War rifles
Keywords: rifle, black powder
Date: 1 Oct 90 21:18:23 GMT

In article <> tcs! (Mark Kromer) writes:
>Were these weapons really that ineffective? I've seen examples of the
>.50 cal mini' balls [sp?] used at the time and they are quite large
>and heavy compared to modern rifle ammo.  Does anyone know how the
>muzzle velocity compares to, say, a 30.06?  How about range and

I used to compete in North-South Skirmish competition about 30 years
ago when most of the competitors used original weapons, and over the
years have done alot of test firing with them.  The light target loads
used by modern enthusiasts are only about 600-700 f.p.s., but full
military charges of 60-65 grs. of A5 black or Ffg will drive a 470-gr.
old-style Minie about 900 f.p.s.  I have hunted deer with these
weaspons and out to 100 yards or so they are very effective.  Beyond
that drop makes range estimation critical, but at known distances you
can score 50% hits on an Army "E" target 1 meter high and 1/2 meter
wide to about 500 yards.  The .58 cal. bullet is large enough to cause
severe wounds even at low velocities, and considering the state of
medical care then, it is no wonder the casualty rate was so horrible.


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