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From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Lee Enfield Accuracy
Date: 31 Jan 1996 21:49:13 -0500

Bruce D. Hood wrote:

# In the July 1993 issue of the American Rifleman,C.E. Harris
# shot several different samples of ammunition through a No.1 mk111
# a No.4mk1, and another No.4mk1* made at Longbranch Arsenal in
# Canada. ( The title of the article is  "Don't Overlook the Lee-
# Enfield" ) Using quite a mixed bag of ammunition including some
# very old military surplus .303 ball from Bench rest at 100 yards,
# he averaged a lot of 10 shot groups of four inches or so...
# Degree of accuracy is somewhat relative to the task at hand, so
# if one was shooting at soldiers on the other side.. well, I am
# about 18 inches or so wide at the shoulders, and even turned
# sideways am a least 12 inches thick, I don't think I want
# someone shooting at me who can regularly get their bullets on
# the mark within four inches or so of where they want to... It
# doesn't get much better if I'm 200 yards away assuming 8 or 10
# inch groups.. the other guy still has a good chance of getting me..
# My point of course, being that the Older Enfields, which I have
# a great fondness for, are great fun to shoot  even at
# the L.E. can be gotten to shoot more target like groups
# if that is one's primary goal.

      A few years ago I was invited to build a rifle for the 2300 yard 
matches in England. The only requirement was that it would be able to 
beat a Lee Enfield.  What a joke! Since my rifles held all the 1000 yard 
records at the time I felt confident when I told them if I didn't beat 
every Enfield on the line they wouldn't have to pay for the rifle. I 
should have checked the record book before shooting off my mouth .It 
would have saved me a rifle. There is something very unique to the 
Enfield that has been explained to me and I still don't understand 
exactly what it is. It has to do with the two piece stock and the 
harmonics plus the flex of the joint makes every thing come together at 
2300 yards. You Lee Enfield lovers check the records of the 2300yard 
matches  at Bisley. It will lift your spirits so high  you will be able 
to laugh at us Magnum shooters. Don't ask me how a rifle with a 300 foot 
mid range trajectory can consistantly beat out our high scoring Mags.

Gale McMillan

From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Varmint Hunters question
Date: 4 Dec 1997 13:38:29 -0500

Theron D. King wrote:
# Lee Taylor wrote:
# # I have a non-shooter buddy who is convinced that NO ONE intentionally
# # shoots at ranges over 1000 yards (Camp Perry), since there is (again,
# # his opinion) no rifle made that can hold a group under 6 inches at that
# # range.
# Lee, the British routinely fire rifles chambered in 308 Winchester at
# distances up to 1200 yards. The group size is pretty large at that
# distance, but the better shooters keep all of their shots on the target
# at that distance.

There  is an anual match shot at Bisley (spelling?)at 2300 yards and is
consistently won with a 303 Enfield. It is open to any rifle and all
kinds of magnums show up with high hopes and leave with their heads
hanging low.]
Gale McMillan

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