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From: (Clark Towle Gunsmith)
Subject: Re: suggestions wanted for M1A trigger assembly gunsmith
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation

In article <>, (Clayton Cramer) writes...
#One of the neat things about the M1A is how the entire trigger assembly
#pops out as one unit.  This would seem like a very gun to get the trigger
#assembly polished and smoothed by a gunsmith, without the need to send the
#entire gun off.  Also, does anyone sell a complete trigger assembly that has
#been worked over well that can be just dropped into an existing M1A?  The
#standard trigger is heavier and notchier than it really needs.  I suspect
#that the problem is that the mechanism was originally designed to handle
#full auto parts, and of course, this isn't an issue on an M1A.

 Unfortunately this is not possible. You need the whole gun to be able to do
a decent trigger job because the flex in the trigger group as it locks into
the action varies from gun to gun depending on receiver to stock fit. This is
especially apparent in accurized/bedded guns.

 I'm not aware of anyone that offers "tuned" trigger groups primarily because
of the above reasons.

 Most stock M1A's I've seen still have the full auto ear on the sear which
means they are a stock GI item. Still though without the selector switch on
the receiver the ear won't do you any good. Standard practice when doing a
trigger on these is to remove the ear as it serves no useful purpose.

 Bite the bullet and give the Gunsmith the whole gun.

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