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From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: "Pinning" a 700 lug, How to?
Date: 1 Feb 1996 12:04:04 -0500

Doug Owen wrote:
# Jay McMunn ( wrote:
# : Several references to "pinned recoil lug" have been seen in the
# : classified section of Precision Shooting Magazine.  I assume this
# : is done to keep the lug properly indexed when changing barrels.
# : I assume that one or two dowel pins or spring pins of 1/16" or
# : 3/32" dia are installed in the lug and action.  Can somebody
# : enlighten me on the standard practice?

  To Pin the recoil lug it is best to either  make a small shank to screw 
into the action to hold the lug in place or cut an old barrel off just 
ahead of the shoulder, position the lug and drill through the shoulder, 
through the recoil lug and into the receiver about 3/16 of an inch with 
a 1/16th drill bit, on each side of the receiver. Then press a 5/16th 
long roll pin into the holes. Then your lug will stay in place in 
relation to the bedding when you change barrels. It's not a bad idea to 
do this on any rifle you replace the barrel on often, like competition 
or varmit rifles. It saves rebedding after changing barrels.
Gale McMillan

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