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From: Rock McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Controlled Feed, Push Feed ?
Date: 1 Dec 1995 17:49:23 -0500
Organization: McBros RIfles
Lines: 28

Control feed like the old Winchesters (Pre 64), 98 Mausers and the 
new Ruger Mark 2 is when the cartridge is captured under the 
extractor as it feeds from the magazine.  The feeling today is that 
this is better for dangerous game because you eliminate the 
possibility of double feeding and the you can cycle the bolt with the 
rifle upside down (why you would want to I don't know).  Control feed 
actions usually have larger extractors and people think that you get 
more positive extraction with them.

Push feed rifles like the Remington 700 have a spring plunger ejector 
in the bolt face that must be depressed before the cartridge can move 
under the extractor, this happens as the bolt is closed over the 
cartridge in the chamber.  The cartridge is only captured under the 
extractor as the bolt is closed.  If in the process of chambering a 
round you pull the bolt back to the rear stop it is possible to pick 
up another round from the magazine when you run to bolt forward, this 
has the effect of trying to shove both rounds into the chamber. If 
this happens your screwed because it often requires a little work to 
get things sorted out.

Our experience is that push feed rifles in general are more accurate, 
I have my theory about why this is so and will share it with anyone 

Bottom line, it's mostly a matter of personal preference.  You will 
get arguments from both sides and it really doesn't matter, shoot 
what you are comfortable with.

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