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From: (John Bercovitz)
Subject: Re: Remington 700 and Triggers
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, California

In article <9312071104.AA07582@LL.MIT.EDU>
Doug White <> writes:

#I beg to differ with your assessment of Rem 700 triggers.  The one I
#got last Spring was over 7 pounds, and that was with the trigger weight
#screw backed almost all of the way out.  Rather than mess with cutting
#the spring down, I bought a Jewell, and it is superb!

Backing out the screw is kind of a hard way to do things.  What you have
to do is take the spring out of a tire valve and use it instead of the
stock spring.  Makes it real easy to get a reliable and clean 2 pound
trigger pull.  Cutting the spring's length is kind of counterproductive
in a way because shortening a spring raises the spring constant making
it an even more delicate adjustment than it all ready is.

John B

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