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From: (Clark Towle Gunsmith)
Subject: SKS field stripping
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation

 Seeing as there appears to be some interest in field stripping an SKS, here

 Ensure the rifle is unloaded.

 Unlatch the magazine and let it drop downwards so it swings free.

 Draw the bolt to the rear and release to cock the hammer then rotate the
safety to the on safe position.

 Rotate the receiver cover retaining lever upwards and pull out.

 Remove reciever cover towards the rear. Withdraw the recoil spring and bolt
assembly. Take care to remember which end of the recoil spring goes inside
the bolt body.

 Turn the rifle sights down and using a drift punch, (or cartridge bullet
tip) depress the trigger group latch inwards towards the trigger. (this may
take quite a bit of force). Remove the trigger group from the stock.

 Remove the magazine assembly by pulling it slightly to the rear to clear the
receiver magazine latch recess and lift up.

Remove the cleaning rod and if the bayonet is installed, fold it out and
lock it in place over the muzzle.

 Rotate the upper handguard lock upwards to the top detent and lifting it
from the rear and upwards, remove the upper handguard.

 Remove the piston from the upper handguard.

 To remove the bolt actuator piston and spring, rotate the upper handguard
lock upwards past the top detent and remove the piston and spring.

 ***** CAUTION ***** The actuator piston and spring are under considerable
tension and will be ejected from the housing quite forcefully if you are not

 Grasp the top rear of the reciever and pull upwards and forward to remove
the action and barrel from the stock.

 Assembly is in reverse.

 Reassembly tips:

 When putting the action back into the stock lay the action sights down and be
sure to slide the stock under the front band before pushing the stock down
onto the action.

 When replacing the magazine assembly ensure the front retaining lip on the
magazine housing engages the recess on the bottom of the action or the
trigger group will not latch in properly.

 When replacing the trigger group ensure the front retaining pins fully
engage the retaining lugs on the reciever. It should take some force to
properly latch the trigger into the stock and action. With the rifle sights
down, push down on the trigger guard with the heel of your hand to latch it in

 The reciever cover retaining lever is keyed so it will only go in one way.
Rotate it to align the keyway and it will slide in easily.

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