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From: (Clark Towle Gunsmith)
Subject: Re: SKS Trigger
Organization: Digital Equpiment Corp. Salem, NH, USA

In article <>, (John Bercovitz) writes:

#Newsgroups: rec.guns
#Subject: Re: SKS Trigger
#Date: 6 Oct 1993 16:04:09 -0400
## The SKS was never designed to run full auto and is prone to rapid and
##complete disassembly if it all of a sudden goes into a full auto mode so
##ensure whoever does the work does not remove any material from either the
##hammer hooks or sear.
#A friend of mine sent his trigger group off to some gunsmith who for
#$30 gave it a very nice trigger pull which lasted about 15 rounds before
#it went full auto.  Somewhat disconcerting.  When I disassembled it, I
#found the gunsmith had changed the angle of the sear nose so as to aid
#its disengagement.  I set the angle level again and trigger force went
#up again but the smoothed sear certainly gave a reasonable trigger pull.
#Sure hope that is a through-hardened and not a case hardened part. We'll
#find out soon enough, I suppose.  8-)
#That's an interesting statement about the SKS falling apart.  I'm sure
#you're right but I don't see the logic of it; maybe you can help me.
#How does its firing rapidly change the situation from when it's firing
#individual shots?  Something must be different to cause it to fall apart
#but I don't get it.

 If it "slam fires" because the hammer is following the bolt closed and is
therefore pushing the firing pin out the front of the boltface and the round
goes off before the bolt is fully closed and locked, the rapid expansion of
powder gasses and chunks of cartridge case having no chamber wall to contain
them, tend to rapidly fill up any remaining room in the magazine well and can
cause equally rapid and unexpected rifle disassembly if you get my drift. :-)

 Unlike the AK action which do have an "auto sear" which retards hammer fall
until after the bolt is fully closed and locked, the SKS has no design
provision for this so if it goes full auto it could be drastically unsafe.
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