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From: (Geoff Kotzar)
Subject: Re: binoculars????
Organization: Case Western Reserve University

In article <> rrw@philabs.Philips.Com (Roger White) writes:
#In article <> you write:
##I will use them for hunting mostly.  Therefore, they will be exposed to 
##all kinds of weather and abuse.  Hopefully some blood :-)  Supposedly the
##Nikons were rated #1 and the Leupolds #16 in a bird watchers magazine 
##comparison.  Input anyone?   The budget is <$300.  Desired size is <40mm
##objective with  <10x magnification.

material deleted

#Another thing to check for, or so I'm told, is the alignment of the
#binoculars.  My "expert" says you should never buy them through the mail but
#only over the counter and check the alignment before you buy them.  If I
#remember correctly, to check the alignment you look through the bincoulars
#backwards (through the objective) and try to sight on a hortizontal line.  If
#the alignment is not correct the line will not be straight through the two
#objectives (one will be tilted).  I think the bad alignment leads to eye
#strain.  My "expert" says to be sure you get the ones you've examined.
#Take care and good luck,

Where were you ten years ago with this nugget of wisdom? I have had a pair
of Bushnell's for that long that have driven me crazy. For the longest time
I went crazy trying to figure out why they seemed so painful to look through.
Finally last year while horsing around I looked at the tiled back wall in the
kitchen and I had the answer you indicated: a pair of orthogonal grids slightly
displaced. Up to that time I figured that Bushnell binocs were just too low
quality. Thanks for posting the information.

Geoff Kotzar

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