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From: (Ole-Hjalmar Kristensen)
Subject: Re: Shotgun recomm. for new shooter?
Organization: SINTEF DELAB, Trondheim, Norway.

There is one more reason for using an over/under instead of a side-by
side when shooting clays. When the side-by-side recoils, it not only
jumps up, but also to the left or right, depending on which barrel you
fire first. Many shooters find this makes it more difficult to get off
a rapid second shot. At least in olympic trap, this is a valid reason.

About the price, over/unders were really pricey when they hit the
market, while side-by-side guns were cheap. As the popularity of the
side-by-side has dropped, essentially only the more expensive guns
from established makers (in addition to some REALLY cheap ones) are
still on the market, at least here in Norway.

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