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From: John De Armond
Subject: making target paper (was Re: Postscript targets)
Organization: Dixie Communications, The South's First Commercial Public Access Unix

#[MODERATOR:  I'd feel all set if I could only find a way to photocopy
#onto heavy `construction' paper ... or whatever is the heavy paper used
#in standard NRA-style competition targets.  

Actually Construction paper feeds right well in both my copier (sharp
something or other) and my laser printer (TI Microlaser.)  I hand
feed it a sheet at a time and it works fine.

I've also developed a method of making "target paper" at home.  I start
with uncoated business card stock.  The current paper I have is Warren
Scott Vellum in 19.54M weight, code # 6011.  I print my targets on
this paper using whatever method.  Then punch a hole at the top of 
each one.  This hole us used to suspend 50-100 of these vertically
in an old aquarium.  Above the bottom of the paper is placed an inch
or so of hydrocloric acid such as is used to clean brick.  A plexiglass
lid is placed and the assembly is allowed to sit several days.  The acid
vapors will partially digest the paper and make it extremely brittle.
If I'm going to use the targets immediately, I take 'em out and 
shoot away.  Otherwise I neutralize the acid by replacing the HCL with
strong ammonia water and allow it to sit another day.

These targets work extremely well.  The only caution (other than the 
obvious about handling corrosive chemicals) is that if you expose too long,
the paper will likely "break" when the first bullet hits it.


[MODERATOR:  Hey, neat!  Nice tip, I'll try it.]

#These smooth/glossy papers 
#typically found in laser printers or copiers tear more when the bullet
#passes through, rather than leaving a nice 'punch'.  Up until recently
#I thought I wanted a photocopier for greater than standard sized sheets
#of paper too, but then I just decided to practice more ....  "You're
#gonna shoot at this 2" circle on a piece of paper from 200yards?"  "Well,
#its more than I need ...."   :-) ]

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