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From: (Barry Needham)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Product review Tw-25B lubricant
Date: 28 Mar 1994 21:12:03 -0500

Since we get questions about lubrication in this forum every so often I
thought I would tell you about a new product that I have been VERY happy with.

Tw-25B is a high performance lubricant produced by Mil-Comm products.  The
USMC has been using it for the past several years with good success and I
decided to give it a try last November.  I have been using it on Glocks,
1911's, M1A's and my Benelli and this stuff works GREAT.

It is not unusual for my guns to go several thousand rounds between cleanings.
This lubricant works better than anything else I have ever tried.  All of the
actions stay nice and slick without the normal buildup of grit, powder residue
and whatever else gums up the works.  It survived an unplanned dunk test in
salt water and sand (Doesn't everybody go diving with their Glock?) and
functions just fine for mid-winter target practice at 25 below - it wasn't
snowing but we did have ice condensing out of the air.  As far as I can tell
this stuff is absolutely impervious to water.

I have included the product data sheet to provide a little more information.
BTW: I have no association with Mil-Comm other than a satisfied customer.



			Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc.

								P.O. Box 43278
						Upper Montclair, NJ 07043-0278
							  Phone: (201) 7445191
							   Fax: (201) 744-3325




Tw-25B High Tech Lubricant was developed for modern weapons systems that use
new designs, new alloys and composites, and new types of ammunition. These
weapons are built for higher rates of fire and increased muzzle velocities.

It was first developed for use on the Mark 19, Mod.3, 40MM Grenade Machine Gun
long before Desert Storm. In salt water tests using Mark 19 and M-2 machine
guns, CLP washed off and LSAT curdled. Both had to be cleaned and relubed.
Tw-25B was applied to both guns resulting in: no dilution; no wash-off. No
relubing was required before firing 9,000 rounds without a mis-fire.

Tw-25B contains a unique high-performance base oil, micron-size fluorocarbon
particles, and a special group of chemicals. Its formulation is accomplished
by using proprietary production techniques that permit even distribution of
particles suspended evenly throughout the lubricant.

Tw-25B is covered under a U.S. Patent, granted in 1989.


	* Excellent performance under heavy load-bearing use.
	* Reduced friction and wear on moving metal parts.
	* Protects metal against corrosion.
	* Exceptional performance in sand and dust conditions.
	* Protects weapons in heavy salt water exposure.
	* Effective in wide temperature range: -65 degrees F to
	  +450 degrees F.
	* Non-toxic, non-flammable (not true of some other products).
	* No harmful effect on plastics, rubber, metal or wood surfaces.
	* Easy to apply, stays in place, does not splatter.
	* Permits easy "wipe-off" cleaning after firing, including bore
	  cleaning when coated before use.
	* Cost effective: "a little bit goes a long way". Does not evaporate,
	  wash off, or burn off.
	* Works on pistols, shot guns, rifles, machine guns, Gatling guns, and
	  all other weapons systems.
	* Use of TW-25B improves logistics efficiency: one Lubricant for all
	  conditions and all types of weapons systems.
	* Multi-purpose use: TW-25B High Tech Lubricant can be used wherever a
	  lubricant is required: around the house, for your automobile, on
	  sporting equipment, at the marina, and many other uses.
	* Superior in overall performance to all known lubricants.


The best proof is, "Try it, be your own judge", as others have done before.

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