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A man is nervously pacing the floor of the hospital waiting room while
his wife goes into labor with their first child.

After a while, the doctor in charge comes into the waiting room and
pulls off his mask.  "Congratulations, Mr. Jones.  It's a healthy baby
boy!  And your wife is doing fine," the doctor says with big grin.
"You can come in now."

Mr. Jones' spirits jump and he pushes his way past the doctor into the
crowded O.R.  His wife smiles weakly and passes him the squealing baby
as he kisses her forehead.

Mr. Jones, after marveling at the wonders of life, asks one of the
nurses, "Is there anything I can do?"  The nurse, sensing that he
desperately wants to participate in this momentous event, says, "Yes,
Mr. Jones, why don't you take him in there and give him a bath."

Happily, the new father carries the baby into the adjacent scrub room,
and the nurse smiles as she hears the sound of running water.

After a few minutes, she steps into the scrub room to check their
progress and jumps back in dismay as she sees Mr. Jones with two of
his fingers stuck up the baby's nostrils, dragging him through the
water in figure eights around the scrub-basin.  "You don't bathe a
baby like that!" she screams.

"You do when the water's this hot!" retorts the father.

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