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From: B. Harris)
Newsgroups: sci.physics
Subject: Re: Rocket faster than light proof
Date: 11 Dec 1999 13:54:07 GMT

In <82qk84$5e1$> (Richard
Herring) writes:
>> On the contry under the Magna Carte ratified by most developed nations,
>The what? THe only Magna Carta I know of was signed by King John
>of England in AD 1215.

   Tourist at Runnymeade: "what's so special about this place?"  "It's
where King John signed the Magna Carta."  "When was that?"  "1215"
"Damn, we've missed it by an hour..."


(Who's seen all those copies of the thing in the British Museum and
knows they were stamped/sealed, not signed.  Probably John was

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