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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Soil-based organisms are the missing link!
Date: 3 Dec 1998 09:02:52 GMT

In <> (M.
Woodrow "Tookie" Myers, DVM) writes:

>Bacillis subtilis is a common soil organism that does not normally
>inhabit living organisms. It can gain access and be a factor in abcesses
>or uterine infections in farm animals.

From the doctor's perspective:

   Bacillus subtilis (pronounced "SUT-uhl-iss") can infect dirty wounds
occassionally, even in people.  And it sometimes produces its own
antibiotics.   In fact, if you go to the drugstore you can purchace
"bacitracin" ointment.  It contains some stuff from a culture of
Bacillus subtiis they got out of a leg wound in a girl named Tracy.
Baci-Tracin.  Sounds like I'm kidding, huh?  I'm not.

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