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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Do Bacteria Have Odors?
Date: 7 Aug 1998 05:06:39 GMT

In <6qdbfu$> (Don Montgomery)

>I think this was mentioned about ten years back on this group, but I
>don't recall the thread.
>Do germs have odors?  Can one smell staph, strept and some of the other
>common bacteria if they exist in large quantity?  If so, do we smell
>them directly or their byproducts?  I'm not talking about odor caused
>by bacterial breakdown of tissue, etc.

   Some bacteria make strong odors.  Some anaerobes smell perfectly
putrid, and an openened culture container can make everyone in a whole
building puke, or want to.  Other aerobic bacteria have identifiable
but less objectionable odors.   Pseudomonas smells a bit like fresh
corn torteas.  Most bacteria are odorless.  Or their culture media, at
least, smells more strongly (even though most augars and broths smell
only faintly).

                                      Steve Harris, M.D.

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