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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: HELP:  Chronic Fatigue?
Date: 29 Aug 1996

In <5009b7$> (William Tell) writes:

>My brother-in-law has been suffering for about six months with
>the following symptoms:
>Extreme Fatigue
>Severe Dizziness
>Low body temperature
>Lack of concentration
>These symptoms come and ago every six weeks for a few days or a week
>at a time.  Up to now he has been in excellent health.  He is 25 years
>old and does not drink or smoke.  He has been to a doctor who explained
>it by saying that he has "excess calcium" in his inner ear and that
>nothing can be done for it.
>Does anyone know of what could be causing this problem?  Has anyone
>else experienced this?  We think he may have chronic fatigue syndrom
>or an allergy.  Any enlightenment would be most appreciated.
>Please email replies to

I don't know about the other symptoms, but his extreme dizziness might
indeed be caused by "benign paroxyzmal positional vertigo" which is
thought to result from a piece of calcium otolith being displaced to
land on the "wrong" hair cells in one organ of the inner ear.  There do
exist a stylized serious of head movements designed to get such errant
pieces of stuff back where they belong, and they work at least 80% of
the time (often after just a few minutes work, followed by a day or two
of rest), and the effects are long lasting (months to life).  You need
to find a "balance institute" or inner ear institute in your nearest
large city.  ENT docs at large uiversity medical centers (medical
schools) usually know where you can get to one.  They know the right
moves for this problem, which is quite treatable.  Good luck.

                                        Steve Harris, M.D.

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