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From: (Chris Klugewicz)
Subject: Re: "fatty streaks" and fatty meals
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 1996 00:43:27 GMT

On Sat, 3 Aug 96 19:16:33 -0500, wrote:

>questions.  Is it accurate to say that the "fatty streaks" in
>arteries, in early stages of atherosclerosis, are comparable in
>appearance to "fatty streaks" or patches visible on a slab of
>meat?  Of course, they're not comparable--chuck, loin, come from

Yup -- looks a lot like that in fact.

>uninformed reader can visualize.  Question Two:  After a meal high
>in fat, are fatty subtances (of course, now "digested" and present
>in the blood stream) visible?  I remember reading somewhere in
>a book by Pritikin, I think, how blood looks after a meal high
>in fat...I think he used the word, "scary"; lipids are visible.
>Is this accurate?  Thanks very much for assistance.  Nancy Sissen

Absolutely -- right after a fatty meal, the blood is often lipemic:
there is a yellowish tinge to the color, and if you let it coagulate,
a fatty layer settles out on top.  Pretty gross, actually -- enough to
make you think before your next fatty meal!  :-)


 Chris Klugewicz
 Fellow, Div. of Cardiology
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