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From: (Lee Green MD MPH)
Newsgroups: rec.bicycles.soc,rec.bicycles.misc,
Subject: Re: Boil on my butt!  What to do?
Date: 3 Sep 1996 01:46:57 GMT

In article <4vupfp$>, wrote:

> Seriously, though...see a doctor for your current
> boil...and to prevent future ones, smear a dose
> of neosporin on your crotch before each ride,
> and maybe smear some right on the chamois as well.

I have to advise against the Neosporin, on a couple of counts.  I'll work
well for a while, but eventually bacteria do develop resistance (they're
VERY good at that), and then you not only have a boil but one infected
with the bugs from hell.

Worse, Neosporin contains several agents, including neomycin.  Most folks
will develop an allergy to that if exposed long enough.  Hoo boy, will
your rump blister.  Not pleasant at all.

Some advocate a lubricant, and Vaseline or Desitin works fine if you're of
that camp.  My advice, which I give to patients and apply to myself, is 1)
lance it if you have a boil, it heals faster; 2) remove pressure from it
to maximize blood flow, upon which healing depends (that's why the cut-out
saddles work); 3) keep the skin clean and dry and your chamois clean too
(don't wear a pair of shorts two days in a row!); 4) change saddles, get
off the saddle more, move around on it more, whatever, to avoid the
ischemic spots (lack of blood flow due to pressure on the tissue) which
are where the bacteria set up shop to cause a boil in the first place.

If you start getting a lot of boils, make sure you're not developing
diabetes, as that can be a symptom.

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From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: Boils.. any help ideas?
Date: 07 May 1995

In <3ohdoq$> (Steve
Stone) writes:

>Yes I am overweight and get boils on my thighs and under my arms... Are
>there any  ideas for creams or supplements for this situation.. Thank

Boils are Staph infections in pores which are not draining well, a bit
like super-acne.  They are heavily genetic, but also influenced by high
blood sugar (which hurts the funtion of neutrophils, a main Staph
gobbling white cell).  Do you know your blood sugars?

I've drained a lot of boils, and one thing that always stuck me is that
the people rarely seemed to be taking suppliments of any kind.  I also
had a number of stories that vitamin C and E, which are known to
increase neutrophil function, are beneficial for boil-formers.  This is
anecdotal, but worth trying (a gram or two of vitamin C and 400 U of
vitamin E a day are quite safe).

Boils also arrise in moist places which chafe.  Your main weapon will
probably be to get your weight down.  That's a whole other topic, but
you're simply going to have to eat a lot less fat, and exercise.

                                       Steven Harris, M.D.

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