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From: (Steven B. Harris )
Subject: Re: Miracle Healing Meat !!!
Date: 20 Jul 1995

In <> (Mark Thorson) writes:

>The diet of Man today is much different than that of ancient Man.
>As a whole, we eat much more meat than did ancient Man, and we eat
>different parts of the animal.
>Virtually all meat we eat is striated muscle tissue, the type of
>muscle in the arms or legs which does the running and heavy lifting.
>But there are three types of muscle:  striated, smooth, and cardiac.
>Most people eat _no_ smooth or cardiac muscle in their diet.
>Ancient Man ate not only all three types of muscle, organ meats and
>skin as well.  Eating only striated muscle might make sense for an
>athelete like a runner or weight lifter, but for the average person
>this is a diet far different from that of your ancient ancestors.
>In addition to eating whole animal meat, it is also important to
>eat mature animal meat.  Virtually all meat sold in supermarkets is
>from young animals, only a year or two old.  It costs too much money
>to keep the animals alive until maturity.  The flesh or these young
>animals is packed with the hormones and enzymes of young growing
>animals, which is great if you're going to feed it to children,
>but can be highly stressful to feed to an adult.  Too many people
>continue the eating habits they learned as children into adulthood,
>where it causes many of the problems associated with middle-age.
>But there is one meat which combines all three types of muscle tissue
>plus various organs, and which is made from mature animals, typically
>animals which have already given birth and produced life-giving milk.
>This meat is bologna (pronounced BAH-low-knee), and is widely available
>at fine delicatessens and meat markets.
>Unfortunately, there is a conspiracy among the big drug companies
>to suppress this information.  They know they would be put out of
>business tomorrow if everybody were eating bologna for health.
>Just in posting this to the net, I'm taking a chance that they might
>send out a hit man to kill me.  So you'd better save a copy of this
>file because you might never see it again!  To your health  :-)

Good God, such is the usual craziness of this newsgroup that I was more
than halfway through your post before it finally went over the top for
me.  Sheesh!  Post it again April 1.

                                              Steve Harris, M.D.

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