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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Allopathy (was: I need help)
Date: 14 Jun 1997
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In <5nke94$gtp$> John Scudamore
<> writes:
>Carey Gregory wrote:
>> John Scudamore wrote:
>> >
>> >   Tooth decay is mainly a whole body disease.
>> What the heck does that actually mean?
>A nutritional disease.
>> > (Milk will rot your teeth
>> > as much as sugar.)  Don't tell parents that it would be bad for
>> > business.
>> Actually, sugar is more potent, but since milk contains sugars, that's
>> pretty much what Dr. Harris said, minus the conspiracy theory editorial.
>I go along with dentists such as Meinig and Huggins.  Basically the
>factor in tooth decay being an imbalance in the phosphorous calcium
>balance.  Too much phosphorous in the diet, then the body pulls calcium
>from the body to balance itself.
>I have yet to meet a dentist who tells me this, but then when did
>doctors or dentists ever want to know the real cause of body decay. Its
>a "hidden agenda."  Well hidden. Most of them still want us to use
>fluoride and amalgam for Gods sake.  And Nutrasweet, Steve?

    You've never met a dentist who told you this, because it's a
sillyass theory.  Don't you think it wouldn't have been noticed by now
if people with osteoporosis had more cavities?  Well, they don't.  The
enamel of the teeth has no blood supply.  You can't get calcium out of
it if you tried.

     We know what causes tooth decay: it's bacterial degradation of
sugar in foods stuck to teeth.  And there are some host factors also
(some people just have harder teeth).  But a clean tooth never decays,
as simple as that.  This has been proven again and again in countless
animal studies of dental decay.  If animals are fed directly into the
stomach by feeding tube, even very strong tooth decay stimuli, such as
taking out the salivary glands, are ineffective.  No food, no decay.
In addition, it is possible to raise germ free rodents, which have no
bacteria in their bodies anywhere.  They never get tooth decay.
Period.  No matter what you do to them, and no matter what you feed

                                 Steve Harris, M.D.

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