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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: High Time
Date: 06 May 1997
Newsgroups: alt.drugs,alt.drugs.culture,alt.drugs.hard,alt.drugs.chemistry,

In <> (Iconoclast) writes:

> If you truly believe in yourself,
>you can get in the political game and stay clean.  I think of it like
>walking on coals.  Coals are pretty dangerous, and the only protection
>comes from the mind.  I think that's why the practice comes from the
>Far East where they'e recognized the relationship between
>vulnerability and mental errors.

   Now, now.  Coal walking has nothing to do with the mind, and
everything to do with the fact that your feet are made of meat, which
contains a lot of water, and which takes more than a few seconds to
heat up to burning temperatures with the amount of contact there is
between them and the coals.  A physicist at the Skeptic Society
demonstrated that rather handily once upon a time by coal walking with
two pieces of raw beefsteak strapped to his feet.  They weren't burned.
Unless you are going to argue that raw meat has consciousness, I think
you'll have to admit that the physicist has triumphed with a bit of
simple physics.

                                Steve Harris, M.D.

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