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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Lithium Question
Date: 12 Jan 2000 10:02:09 GMT

In <84e29u$evl$> Robb Perrone
<> writes:

>I'm a manic/depressive who's supposed to be on lithium. the problem is
>that there are no medical benefits where I work and I can't afford it
>by myself.However, since it is a lab I work for, there are chemicals.
>One that I noticed  was lithium carbonate. My question is: is there any
>reason that I can't just measure out the same amount of that as was in
>my prescription and thus get the lithium that I need? Life is getting
>real hard without it and I thought that this might be a solution until
>I can get some medical coverage. I know that lithium carbonate is what
>is in the prescription, I just need to know if there is something else
>added to it to make it work, or something like that.

   No reason at all, as this is what pharmacists had to do before
Eskalith and the like, and nobody accused them of medical misconduct.
It's called compounding, and it doesn't necessarily need to be with USP
stuff (though this is preferable).  You'll want ultrapure or reagent
grade.  Of course, your prep will be shorter acting and you'll have to
dose 3-4 times a day. And if you screw and get the weight wrong, you're
in trouble.  Still, the abounts are not so large that mistake is likely
to happen.  300 mg will be some fraction of a OO gelaten capsule, and
until you change your supply you'll be fine just eyeballing them (of
course you want to weight every one TOO).  Again, make sure the stuff
is reagent grade, look at the lead levels, etc.   And, needless to say,
start at a bit under your usual dose (25 % down) and get your levels
checked.  Just for slack.

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