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From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: Anesthesia
Date: 08 May 1995

In <> bo822@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Gavyn de
Rozario) writes:

>Dear Reader:
>	In a couple of weeks I am getting my wisdom teeth removed.
>The thing that is scaring me about the operation is how and what
>will they use to put me under.  Will it be an inhaled gas such as
>chloroform or will it be an injection?  How long does it take before
>you are unconscious?  I would really appreciate information about
>this from anyone who has had this operation and I would also
>appreciate anyone who could post a FAQ on anesthesia.  Thanks in

If it's a good dentist you'll probably get pretty much what you want.
You'll certainly get a local injection.  I recommend also nitrous oxide
gas inhaled though a little nose cup, which does not make people laugh
(contrary to folklore), but does give you a slightly giddy-drunk
feeling, and does help a lot with pain and anxiety.  It shouldn't put
you out, and you'll still be entirely conscious.  Find out what
painkillers work on your (codeine, etc) and make the dentist give you a
prescription.  Take some right after the procedure, and have somebody
else drive you home.

Before the procedure, prepare yourself for a week with daily doses of
vitamin C (at least a gram a day) and continue this for several weeks
afterwards, while you heal.  The suppliment CoQ10 (found in any health
food store) may also help gum healing, though the evidence here is less
(it can't hurt).  Avoid ANY aspirin and vitamin E the week before the
procedure, both of which can increase bleeding and swelling (you can
take Alieve or Motrin later, if your dentist agrees).  Follow
instructions from the dentist, which are likely to include use of an
icepack for the first day after the procedure.   Look for a dentist who
is willing to do it the way you want it done, and ask the office nurses
in a large dental practice who THEY would go to.  That's usually a
pretty good recommendation.

                                        Steve Harris, M.D.

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