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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: FDA Rubber-Stamp Sweepstakes Winner: Rezulin !
Date: 28 Apr 1999 09:15:45 GMT

In <> Happy Dog
<> writes:
>HerbAssist wrote:
>> >How many viagra deaths occurred in normally healthy people? Nowhere
>> >near 150.
>> It does not matter if the people who died after taking Viagra were
>> healthy or not, that was not the point. The FDA wants ephedra banned,
>> and several states have banned ephedra based on one overdose. My point
>> is that if the FDA wants to ban an herb over a single death, which was
>> due to an overdose, then they should also ban Viagra for which over 150
>> have died after taking.

    Don't be naive.  The government isn't interested in banning ephedra
because three people died of it.  They want it banned because a very
cheap and powerful sort of speed can be made from ephedrine chemically,
in far fewer steps than it takes to make meth.  It's an over the
counter starting material with most of the work already done.

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